Josias Homely

Song Iii

When I ponder— when I ponder,
On my careless early days,
Shall I fear love—shall I fear love,
None can be so bright as these,
Pearly dew drops—pearly dew drops
Hang on the morning rose.
Yet the blushing hours of evening,
Bi'iog others sweet as those.

Once in gladness—once in gladness,
In my sunny spring-like hours,
Oh I met the village maidens,
And bound their brows with flow'rs.
Now in sadness—now in sadness,
For thee a wreath I've wove,
But there is deeper—there is deeper
True fondness in my love.

And my treasure—and ray treasure,
That deep fond love shall be,
And my heart like some lone flower,
Drink each pearly joy from thee.
When the sunshine of thy beauty
Shall light my cottage home.
Oh the sweetest—oh the sweetest
Of my hours will be to come.
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