Josias Homely

Maid Of Cambria

Maid of Cambria do not blame
I'he look of love thou see'st in me ;
Nor turn away thine eyes of flame,
As if I err'd to look on thee.
If such were error, then could I,
Still gazing on thy beaming eye.
In error live—in error die.

Cambrian maiden, smooth thy brow—
The love my heart to thee would give
Is such as Angels do bestow :
An Angel blameless might receive
True as the faith, the Cimbri plight.
Firm as the vow they never slight,
And worthy loveliness so bright.
To-day old ocean's sullen roar
Bore me to the Cambrian shore ;
To- morrow will the morning ray
Call me from these shores away.
Why should it pain thee then to see,
When thy bright eye is turned on me,
I wish I'd worlds to offer thee.
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