Josh Lyndon

February 9th, 1992, Belfast
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Losing you

I will never forget when I got the call,
Despair led to a geat fall.
This greif has left me numb,
Knowing I can never see my mum.
Dark days, sleepless night,
No motivation to fight.
The memory etched on my heart,
You said "we can never pe apart."
In my stomach I feel betrayed,
With all my heart I wish you stayed.
Left in a pit of despair,
How do I breath with no air?
All that's left is my greatest fear,
I can't shed another tear.
The darkness and pain haunt me,
Fighting demons I can't see.
Stop and take a breath,
There is life after death.
Eternal are the souls of men,
I know i will see you again.
We will be reunited,
I can not wait i am excited.
I love you mum,
Love your son.
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