Joseph Ogbonna

May 1st, 1975
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Oh God

God almighty of generations all,
who did witness great empires rise and fall.
We gladly wait for thy eternal reign,
when saints martyred will beam with smiles unfeigned.

God immortal of centuries ageless,
whose dexterity carved our global ball.
When will thy saints the new earth inherit?
where conduct is guided by thy spirit.

God universal of all earth's races,
who ingeniously made different faces.
We anxiously wait for contempt to cease
in our world of disdain and fragile peace.

God magnanimous of fields succulent,
who buried riches in lands opulent.
We thy loyal flock seek living water,
help us oh, Lord thy great laws to master.

God the merciful of love undeserved,
who through Christ the entire human race served.
Mercifully hear us thy servants plead.
Help us obliterate each carnal misdeed.
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