Joseph Ogbonna

May 1st, 1975
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Napoleon's contention for Josephine

On the plains of Europe I contend for an empire.
On love's battlefields I have contended more for thee.
A stare from your rolling eyeballs consumes me like fire,
as I seek entrance to a world of just you and me.
Mademoiselle Josephine, you are truly my world's wonder.
What precious gem or treasure can I to thee render?
Not even Europe's plundered gold could my love equate
for the diamond damsel I ask for a lifetime's date.
What eloquent poetry could my words for thee describe,
and what tender words of mine could I on thine heart inscribe?
A thousand princes may indeed contend for thine heart,
each of them loves-truck with your magical Cupid's dart.
A thousand more princes may contend for thy dowry,
but relentless I'll be to see their love plans go awry.
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