Jonathan Tafreg

October 04,1985 - Mara, Tanzania
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They will speak and whisper and gossip,
They will pray and blaspheme and worship,
All in all they are nothing but black sheep,
And we shall rise to show them our lordship.

It’s nothing but victory after victory,
Till they get it that we are making history,
Since they are used to old-fashioned things,
That’s why they don’t treat as like kings.

They will plot chaos and plans to kill us,
They will send spies and traitors to check us,
But again we shall put them to shame,
Till they find someone else to blame.

We are heroes and that’s what they hate,
We are legends and that is our fate,
But they always try to prove us wrong,
And that’s what always makes us strong.

We believe in God and not in magic,
And we pray that our end mayn’t be tragic,
For our deeds and our wishes are glorious,
So we shall all rise and stand victorious.

Thank you Lord for bringing us this far,
You’re our redeemer and our morning star,
We shall win this war and honor this day,
And on top of the world we shall stay.
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