Jo Africa

October 04,1985 - Mara, Tanzania

Special Corona

Is it in the name of the devil,
You got that toilet anointed?
Is it the knowledge of the evil,
You allowed it get appointed?

Are you so crystal dirty,
Like a Satan's hell?
Is it your charming beauty,
Or a magic spell?

Your existence is a disgrace,
A mockery to the creation,
Worthy of the devil's mistress,
A living abomination.

Whoever pays you money,
Is your esteemed client,
And you steal people's honey,
For you're still the giant.

HIV is on the way coming,
The Coronavirus is coming,
And your online monsters,

Your guilt will be innocent,
But your body and your soul,
When you can't use any cent,
To save your little poor soul.

For now be the ruling queen,
For you're our special corona,
The battle that we'll never win,
But spreading it every corner.

You give us tension everyday,
No peace at home,
Why don't you die anyway,
Leave us alone.
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