Jonathan Tafreg

October 04,1985 - Mara, Tanzania

Premier Of Roses And Wine

I am the son of a bitch as you said,
But you go to toilet 'cos I have paid,
What you have is just out of raid,
I know you well mister son of a maid.

The wild is cool, calm and fine,
I love these creatures, they are mine,
But for you premier of roses and wine,
Bad for she-creatures crossing your line.

Where I am I can say hallelujah,
Who I am I can hallelujah,
What I am I can say hallelujah,
For the wilderness is mine hallelujah.

All these elephants, rhinos and crocodiles?
All these kilometers, squares and miles?
All these treaties and top secret files?
All these mansions of good Chinese tiles?

My fist, from now on thumbs down,
Village chairman, what are you doing in town?
Go back home and dress up your gown,
Dress them all, warm your freezing crown.
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