Jolayemi Oluwatobi

June 30,1997 - Lagos Nigeria


The sound of boots heralded chaos.
Wailings of women and children filtered through my ears.
Reports of guns punctuated the night.
Feelings of death waded the alleys.
Casting it's shadows like a cloud over my city.

Barely looking, flags billow with its full might.
The vision of our ancestors getting out of sight.
Tension brewing up like tempest in the sea.
Hunger swiftly spreading it's evil tentacles.
Upon my city lays a siege.

The line of battle is drawn.
Rains of bullets form drops around me.
Widows created, orphans are made.
Weaving through death my only aim.
I seek through the labyrinth of death.

Men of distant lands lay upon us a burden.
Shackled in the chains of disgrace.
Beats of heart, a tell tale of life.
Anguish and pain, a reminder to live.
A stage is set for chaotic theatrics.
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