John Wesley

28 June 1703 - 2 March 1791 / Epworth, England

Moravian Hymn

O draw me, Father, after thee,
So shall I run and never tire:
With gracious words still comfort me;
Be thou my hope, my sole desire:
Free me from every weight; nor fear
Nor sin can come, if thou art here.

From all eternity, with love
Unchangeable thou hast me viewed;
Ere knew this beating heart to move,
Thy tender mercies me pursued;
Ever with me may they abide,
And close me in on every side.

In suffering, be thy love my peace;
In weakness, be thy love my power;
And when the storms of life shall cease,
My God! in that transcendent hour,
In death as life be thou my guide,
And bear me through death's whelming tide.
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