John Vicars

1617-1648 / England

The Translator

True Imitation of mens worthy Deedes
From Loue of them (as I suppose) proceedes
Yet many-times Ambitious Emulation!
May in such Actions staine True Imitation.
But vnto me, Loue was the Golden-Spurre,
If otherwise, I might iust shame incurre
For what I should I could not; what I could
I heere haue done, though farre from what I would.
Thy wit therefore braue Epigramatist,
To prayse condignely, in me can't consist.
Yet that I may not Enuious bee deem'd,
Not caring though I be a Foole esteem'd.
Some thus I Prayse, and thus their praise doe write,
I'le none Disprayse, most vndone passe my might.
Excuse heerein (kind Sir) what's Mis-committed,
And pardon mee, if ought be Ill-omitted.
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