John Updike

1932-2009 / Pennsylvania

I Missed His Book, But I Read His Name

Though authors are a dreadful clan
To be avoided if you can,
I'd like to meet the Indian,
M. Anantanarayanan.

I picture him as short and tan.
We'd meet, perhaps, in Hindustan.
I'd say, with admirable elan ,
'Ah, Anantanarayanan -

I've heard of you. The Times once ran
A notice on your novel, an
Unusual tale of God and Man.'
And Anantanarayanan

Would seat me on a lush divan
And read his name - that sumptuous span
Of 'a's and 'n's more lovely than
'In Xanadu did Kubla Khan' -

Aloud to me all day. I plan
Henceforth to be an ardent fan
of Anantanarayanan -
M. Anantanarayanan.
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