John Hanover

August 13, 1964 International Falls, Mn

May Only Your Skies Be So Blue ( evolving sixteen form ) '19

A B B A, B B A A, B A A B, A A B B

1. Be careful where you tread
2. Trying to find the view
3. Why are you so blue ?
4. Could be better times ahead

2. In focus comes the view
3. Not everything is so blue
4. Can almost see the way ahead
1. The path that we can tread

3. Getting pale is the blue
4. Seeing what is ahead
1. How carefree we tread
2. Losing ourselves to the view

4. From trouble we've moved ahead
1. No longer fearful of where we tread
2. Getting accustomed to the view
3. May only your skies be so blue
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