John Castro

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the pit bull

look me in my eyes but dont show signs of fear

call me with a whistle thats how i know your here

walk me with conviction and hold your head up high

because for you and only you, you know that i will die

if you feed me when im hungry and rub my head and chest

i will protect you to the end with my last dieing breath

people call me vicious and say that im no good

but a heart of a true pit bull is something they never understood

i use to fight for you and you knew i never quit

i never understood why you threw me in that pit

its time for you to take a stand and speak in my stead

because a pit without its owner might as well be dead

loyalty to our owner was our only goal in mind

our stories told through history in books and over time

the "pit" is our domain where we matched in dirt and mudd

and whence the chain came of our necks our breed was forged in blood

when we crossed that line a cur you will not see

because a dog that turns its tail is dog that will not be

this was our way of life this was also our creed

without the game in us you have lost the entire breed
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