John Castro

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pages to a story like dreams to a night
while consciousness starts to dim unconsciousness remains bright

like words to a book that composes a plots design
thoughts create a vision to which a dream refines

when eyelids act as mirrors and not protective shields
they reflect the visions that lucid dreams reveal

when the mind remains alert, its creativity waves
but during the state of slumber imagination reigns

as logic takes a back seat, while consciousness remains asleep
the mind displays a movie the memory fails to fully keep

but sometimes a vision is more than just a dream
like the patches of the past un-stitched at the seams

suffocating senses with the rush of emotions so fast
like getting in a time machine and travelling to the past

the body remains still at the time speed barrier
as the mind excellerates forward using thoughts as the carrier

the faster forward into the past, the slower the future becomes
as time travel is only possible in the mind away from the universe's hum

the past it jumps to a vision of times unknown
as the heart reveals to the mind how it wants the future to be shown

like molecules of a comet frozen in space halted by the speed of time
thoughts race forward to find the visions there in the future's mind

like a drawing made with a pencil, the mind details the future in shades of gray
but the road that appears before is a path with a colorful display

as the mind races forward the body remains untravelling
with every vision seen the future continues unravelling

the end of this road is close as the vision reveals a clearing
yet the path to a new road begins and the end of this one is nearing

now the grays fill in with colors as the dawn of reality resumes its essence
the role of logic takes control while consciouness unites the present

like the sun brings light to the face of a new dawn
in the mind inspiration for the future has spawned
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