John Castro

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poets flow

my emotions bleed like a turnicate unfastened
my thoughts flow like wine, crystale off a glass end

the words that i spew surge from my heart
and the shadow of the pen dances in the dark

the candle sways with each breath that i take
words flow like waves initiated by quakes

phrases swim like schools of fish in my mind
populating the oceans with species called ryhmes

the light from the candle flickers when i bleed
as i run the blood of my emotions across paper with speed

quick with thoughts from the subconcious they flow
amazed by the words placed on paper bestowed

lightening fast and quick on the draw
careful not to lose the words in my mind that i saw

spearing each verse with percision and skill
conveying each thought on paper by will

bleeding with thoughts hemoraging with emotions
as poets write thoughts they flow just like oceans
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