John Castro

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philosophical fallacy

living in this flagitious society life becomes numb
yet we extrapolate irrespective reality till we become dumb

mental break downs and frivolous exercises of intellectual contempt
permeates a paradigmatic volition of unparsimonious content

we are axiomatic in our subjective minds as we conceptualize truths
but preconceived notions poison and impede the capacity of our fruits

berayed by the thick insulating cover of vitriolic and obligatory words
you can see with more than our eyes and hear more than whats heard

virtue and value will hurt you in battle
as expression and intention fight for domain

necessity and certainty like humans and cattle
like pride and despair both going insane

miraculous recoveries and extravagant claims
cognitive faculties misfiring as the mind refuses to aim

lost in translation as we wander our brains
a mental castration of parabolic restrains

feelings, opinions and emotions all subjective and chained
like a broken track on a bridge made for a 4,000 ton train

we refuse to abide by the laws in our hearts
as we accept solipsism in whole and in part

judgmental determinist with a maniacal skill
to violate logic and ignore the freewill

you recapitulate hate and promulgate lies
like maggots on a carcass embedded by flies

you are dead in your thoughts and dead in your walk
Trace the outline of your body with a forensic white chalk

to be dead in your mind is to be dead inside time
and if life is subjective theres no reason or rhyme
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