John Castro

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part 4

if therefore your third eye be open your whole body is light
pure energy gathered from the cosmos is an inherited human right

but because of the cosmic battle we were disconnected from the father
and the balance of humanity is on a scale that teeters totters

if the bread of life is the word of God then show me how to eat
and if bread is all we have then how can we enjoy the meat?

i know this sounds so fascinating and so very hard to accept
but our imaginations and our thoughts are often left to neglect

if men would only love he would see creation at its best
but the mind is swayed to imprison love in the cavity of his chest

guilt and fear is the venom concocted by other beings
transferred to the psyche by mans collective feelings

if we can listen carefully we can hear our inner cries
the cataclysmic events that induced the turning of the tides

Lumeria and Atlantis was where human thought was key
as the balance between their forces brought the world to its knees

both civilizations were doomed from the beginning to meet their fates
as the portals of each dimension became a closing gate

each gate was locked for a reason, specifically we do not know
but only in our collective consciousness can a picture start to show

if thoughts are really physical as scientist do suggest
then how can we not believe if we never put our thoughts to the test?

we live in a multidimensional universe that we have little access to
but the key to unlocking true potential starts with loving you
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