John Castro

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part 3

there is a war within the mind that we do not understand
the esoteric knowledge that invokes every man

the human being is more then physical flesh and bone
because the body of the spirit is not it's eternal home

the being of a human is mind, body and soul
but the collective conscience connects each being as a whole

we exude the energies within us that manipulate each thought
as we accept the patterns of what the mind was taught

but if there is a balance within God's creation
how does one confirm thats its not manipulation?

for the forces that may be tend to be hidden from the eye
as the mind compensates the truth for what we call a lie

if there is evil in the world how do we know it exists?
is it only in the mind for the mind to resist?

or does this evil affect our spiritual and physical beings?
or do we intentionally forget until we believe what we are seeing?

knowledge may be creation but wisdom is the knowing
creating a hand grenade is not the same as throwing

there is a balance in life that many physically understand
but to comprehend the spiritual balance one must reach into the heart of man

Jesus spoke of love to help tip back the scale
but many denied the word believing the truth to be a tale

if this world was built on deception, secrecy and lies
how do we repent the world if we do not open our eyes?

how can man forgive the world for the laws it has transgressed?
unless man is faithfully willing to put his spirit to the test

to know thyself is a gift from every collective mind
as reality begins to drift into the vastness of father time

the epox of self-awareness is the beginning of a spiritual endeavor
as the journey of mortal legs walk into the land of forever

the path that was laid before the man who can see but lives without sight
was created to test his faith not his strength nor his might
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