John Castro

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part 2

but all things are possible in the vastness of forever
a collective consciousness does exists and compared to us they are clever

our physical world is nothing more than the thoughts we manifest
as the laws of the physical world put our minds to the test

it may seem impossible to think up all this mess
but unlock true inspiration and you will find the minds treasure chest

a wall a rock can hold a pattern of thought
but it evades comprehension refusing to be caught

energy is everything and everything is energy
the law of "like attracts like" via magnetically

we all contribute to the greater collective mind
and when thoughts attract thoughts reality is defined

this dimension in which we operate is only one of many
but our reality is manipulated if we accept the lies of any

the collective consciousness can be controlled through manipulation and deception
but only if you allow the collective force the power of inception

we fight a battle that we do not understand
for this is simply not a battle of man vs man

this battle is fought upon a vast cosmic scale
and men in all his ignorance is truly groomed to fail

history repeats itself yet we never seem to learn
because once again our time in history is awaiting to take its turn

we are no more than misguided mice in a maze
humans with our own idealogies trapped behind a phase

yet we are all part of a multidimensional consciousness we call God and creation
somehow locked in ignorance controlled through manipulation

but home is eternity and existence is immortal
be not afraid of the universe as you walk through the portal
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