John Castro

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my world

I live in a world where there is no flow and ebb
where flies are snared in the spiders web

Where anger is the clothing that spirits wear
hand me down garments soiled with fear

Where eyes fail from weeping incapable of emotions
and the heart bears the tsunami the bodies waves like the ocean's

In the winepress of the psyche I trample the virgin daughter of bliss
and beyond the landscape of sin and firmament of folly lies the serpents hiss

I live in a world where wisdom and knowledge collide similar to protons
Where innocence is slaughtered like Salem's pillars and scions

As the lion makes a kill its the jackel that profits
but before the jackel appears its the hyena that mocks it

And as the prey that is stalked is slain without pity
The herds of people represent stock roaming the cities

Women eat their offspring and they dont even know it
While the scheme of men cast shadows over truth not to show it

In my world my eyes flow unceasingly without mercy without ease
as vengeance owns depth, so deep it stalks the forrest beyond trees

In my world the mind constantly mocks the heart
While guilt is the warden whom imprisons the soul in the dark

Like the rain that suffocates the land with a constant pour
My inner child cries louder than thunder or a lion with a constant roar

In my world an infants tongue adheres to roof of its mouth
and food is as scarce to child as insects are to a grouse

Nurtured in purple but racked with hunger
It is better to die by the sword then to live with famine in numbers

Joy has dispersed from our hearts and dancing has moved to mourn
as brightness has merged with the dark the fabric of happiness is torn
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