John Castro

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master piece

art is not the signature at the bottom of a painting
but rather the road to find an answer in the quest of risk worth taking

a master piece is not created from the light the paint reveals
nor from the content that grasps its eyes appeal

a master piece is created as a master chooses which piece of a moment to show.
hands reaching into a stream of emotion in decision of what sight to bestow.

when the feeling is felt that piece to show, the master so chooses
the kiln of desire is fired by the will as thought and emotion infuses

an artist is not discovered from signing a signature at the end of a page.
for the way to interpret feelings is something no machine can gage.

immorality can not be found at the bottom of a picture
it is attained rather by making the footsteps in life ones signature

an artist is not an artist simply by the works one produces
but rather from inspiring creation while rendering another project conclusive

art is not derived from the genes to which one is born
yet eludes the rightful meaning of its dictionary form

although art can twist the meaning of words in a rhyme
words can never truly explain art by design

so it is left to the heart for art to have its meaning
for a deceased artist is the only kind without feeling
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