John Castro

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My mask
I put on a mask to shroud my care,
I pull it away when no one is there
Yet behind my mask my feelings I share
A secret existing between me and the air

Yet this mask has features and clues
Of what really shakes my soul at its truth
When all resources are exhausted and used
I turn to my mask for the path that I choose

When my mind has a quest or a wanting
The face of my mask bears its feeling flaunting
But when it's confusion in my mind haunting
My mask bears uncertainty in its grimace undaunting

Yet when sorrow has filled my heart
It is my mask to play its biggest part
To hide my sadness in the shadow of art
Until the moment expires and the sorrow departs

My mask hides the age that I look
While others ages can be read like books
They wear their masks like walls with hooks
That falls to the ground when emotions are shook

Take a look behind my mask to see
If the reflection I cast is really me
As if to glance and charge a fee
To find what is there is not to be

Does my mask really have any feelings
Does it go about its way with nonchalant dealings
Does it strip away emotions like peelings
As if to mask a wound in the process of healing
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