John Castro

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i find myself

I find myself not worrying about the mistakes that I've made
I find myself more caring with each and every passing day
I find myself more intrigued of things I was once afraid
I find myself changing more than I can count the ways

My mind has brushed the cobwebs from its stoic unshaken view
Memories fade like shadows as time brings seconds anew
My eyes see more clearly than from a thousand blinks in the past
As the present chases the future in hopes that time will last

As footsteps steal the memories that counts the pace of life
The prize is set before and its limit is the sky
Each goal will have its obstacle each journey filled with strife
Yet the purpose of every journey is to help you answer why

Each word from my lips and thought from my mind
Is a gift from the universe presented in time
Each second I live with breath in my lungs
Is my solo in time when life's melody is sung

I find myself helping others because it pleases no one else
I find myself more eager to play the hand that I've been dealt
I find myself feeling for me a way I've never felt
And after all of my searching I finally found myself
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