John Castro

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grow up

Grow up
When is it time to finally grow up
Does it occur like a stranger that suddenly shows up
With the hands of a bomb that explodes and blows up
As the smoke burns the atmosphere as the heat goes up

When is it that you begin to see clearer
When you cast aside all doubts that makes you inferior
Grabbing hold of the present so the future comes nearer
As you begin to see more than just a reflection in the mirror

When do you begin to hear past sound
When the steps you take stride further than ground
Your actions emulate the knowledge you have found
Treating yourself equal to others around

When you grow up is it never too tough
Or is there a time to know what's enough
As if your emotions were calling your bluff
To remind you that reality is neither smooth nor rough

What does it mean to become an adult
The significance of adolescent hormonal assault
As bustling playtime screeches to a halt
While the wrong in your world becomes your fault

Yet the change is subtle you feel each day
Until the amusement has faded from the games you play
As your gestures of courtship you put on display
As affection is given with the attention you pay

As you learn more you feel closer to life's solution
Until growing starts to go up causing imbalance and confusion
You blame yourself for embracing your dreams living an illusion
And convince yourself that hope is mental pollution

But where the body stops the mind keeps growing
Until the knowledge of life starts overflowing
The illusion of hope is the only thing showing
As the fabric of our own reality we continue sewing
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