John Castro

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Cerebral Puddle

Thoughts swell in my mind like a puddle on a rainy day
as droplets of ripples expanding the puddle's display.

Clouds in the sky clapping away the applause can be heard for miles.
The light of the sky grasping the land like a parents hand to a child's.

Then in an instant the shadow consumes the light shadowing both far and near,
so brilliant in an instant as seen in lighting before it disappears.

The puddle remains growing from the raindrops still falling through out the night
like the brain performing cerebral function to manifest thoughts to sight.

Thoughts to the mind like raindrops to a puddle distorts reflections meant to be seen
as the brilliance of the night, the puddles remembers as inspiration for the mind to

The claps of thunder has ceased, the rain does not stop but lessens
as the sun creeps to the horizon the dawn the puddle beckons.

The rain has halted as morning inches closer the aroma of dew is pungent in the air
the puddle remains still unshaken in the dawn glowing from the sun's glare.

As a bride on her wedding day awaiting the moment she stands before her groom
the puddle has waited throughout the rainy night admiring the sun from the moon.

Like a princess to a mask her glance reveals the fairest complexion
as the sun smiles down upon the land through the puddle of his own reflection.
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