John Castro

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catching forever

time flows swiftly yet the second remains still
but if seconds were only enough to catch forever as it wills

would it cease the rain from ending before it has begun?
would the stars still call the eastern sky beckoning the morning sun?

can forever be caught between two hands ticking between the years?
hands outstretched finger tips holding a minute of forevers tears.

when forever expires whenever that is, does it go home early or late?
or does it waunder through out the night desperately trying to tempt fate?

forever can be endless but can it stop without beginning?
and if forever took a break would it stop the world from spinning?

and on the dawn of it's respite would forever approach the world with care?
or simply push snooze on the alarm clock seen through a somnolent glare.

did father time hang around before forever could exist?
did the universe start off linear and forever made it twist?

does forever ever get lonely missing family or wishing for a friend?
and if forever has never known anyone how does it know when it will end?

forever eventually catches both the wolf as well as the herd.
but can the heart really mean to catch forever in its word?
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