Jesher Samayla

July 16, 1993
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Soft as an easy chair,
Fresh as a morning air,
There's something I want to share,
It's Jesher I can't compare.

She grows in the city of good luck,
Aplace for better companionship,
Gingoog City with love,
The heart of native land.

Her treasures and keep
a happy family that complete,
Samayla and you will see,
From Rosario and Rodelio she flees.

Her character as a woman,
Ran after by man,
Captures the heart of everyone,
But gives her heart to only one.

She's a good friend to remind you,
Big sister to abide you,
Seek and you shall find,
She knows what is the best for mankind.

She never forgets to pray,
When she's down in astray,
GOD always follows her way,
For her to be famous one day.
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