Jeff Bresee

Salt Lake City, Utah 10/29/1970
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One Hair

I thought to change one hair tonight
from white to black, atop my head.
It seemed a try would be alright
while lying here upon my bed.

I called out to the powers that be
in all their forms amidst the sky,
but nothing changed at all for me
though I had given my best try.

I guess it’s human nature
to control the things at hand.
To try and make sure everything
works out the way you planned.

We swear upon the heavens
and it brings down all the rain.
We swear upon the earth and find
it only leads to pain.

We swear upon our heads and find out
just how much we lack,
for we cannot so much as make...
one white hair turn to black.

... Ref Matthew 5:33-36
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