Janet Hamilton

1795-1873 / Scotland

Verses Written On The Occasion Of The Marriage Of Albert Edward

Verses Written On The Occasion of The Marriage of Albert Edward, Prince of Wales, And Alexandra, Princess of Denmark
I would sing a song of gladness,
Nuptial bliss and holy love;
But the trembling chords of sadness
Thrill my bosom as they move.
Beauty, royalty, and splendour,
Pomp in all its phases seen,
We admire; but turn with tender,
Deeper, feeling to our Queen.
Royal Bride-young, loving, beauteous,
Princely Bridegroom, take her hand;
Kneel as children dear and duteous
To the Lady of the land.
So before her mother knelt she,
With her Albert by her side,
She has felt all thoughts that melt thee-
England's, Albert's happy Bride.
Mingled tears of love and pleasure,
Grief and joy, her cheek bedew;
She has lost her life's best treasure,
May it be restored in you!
Blessed change! no more bombarding
Of old Denmark's forts and towers;
Love and peace her Princess guarding,
Waft her to this land of ours.
Happy pair! high crowned with blessing,
Be it bliss without alloy!
Good Victoria's love possessing,
While the nation sings for joy.
Prince, thy father, good and gracious,
Bright example left behind
Holds thy empire-nought so precious-
Bind it on thy heart and mind.
Princess, in thy queenly mother,
Find the pattern of thy life.
Loved and loving, bless each other,
Britain's daughter, Albert's wife.
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