Janet Hamilton

1795-1873 / Scotland

Shew Us Thy Glory

'And he said, I beseech thee, shew me thy glory.'-
Exodus xxxiii. 18.

Shew us thy glory, Lord:
From Sinai's mount of flame,
With trumpet thunder-toned,
The fiery law proclaim.
Arraign the sinner's soul
For judgment and for doom,
Let conscience say, Amen,
Nor speech nor plea presume.
Shew us thy glory, Lord,
In Christ the Saviour's face.
By Moses came the law,
By Jesus truth and grace;
The law He hath fulfilled
For who on Him believe-
He bore the curse that we
The blessing might receive.
Shew us thy glory, Lord!
Oh send us from above
The Comforter Divine,
The Co-eternal Dove!
He only can apply,
He only can reveal
The Saviour's blood and name,
And every promise seal.
Shew us thy glory, Lord,
That in our lives may shine,
Reflected from thy face,
The character Divine.
Renewed and reconciled,
We, Abba, Father, pray
For grace, till glory shine
In heaven's eternal day.
Shew us thy glory, Lord!
With rays of love illume
The gloomy vale of death-
The passage to the tomb.
Unfold the gates of bliss:
We come, we come to Thee,
Thy love for ever sing,
Thy glory ever see.
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