Janet Hamilton

1795-1873 / Scotland

On The Meeting Of The Social Science Association

In Glasgow, September 1860:

Queen of the West! we hail thee from afar!
The brilliance of each 'bright particular star,'
That gilds thy halls with intellectual light,
A radiance sheds around thee, solemn, bright.
The learn'd, the wise, thy classic portals throng:
Momentous themes dwell on each gifted tongue.
The great, the good, their powers of heart and mind
Bring, to improve, to raise, to bless mankind.
Ay, we have seen, with moistened eye the while,
By men of rank, with warm heart, beaming smile,
The hand of fellowship and friendship given
To labour's sons. We thank thee, God of heaven,
Who hold'st the hearts of all men in thy hand,
And turnest them as Thou wilt. The holy band
Of Brotherhood more closely we will bind,
And, hand in hand, explore the world of mind.
Nor this alone; with powers united strive,
From charnel-houses of the dead alive,
To draw the sunken, vile, corrupted mass,
To teach, raise, save the underlying class.
Where art thou, woman? art thou at thy post?
We cannot want thy aid to save the lost,
The youthful dwellers of thy home and hearth,
To lead to heaven, and train for life on earth.
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