Janet Hamilton

1795-1873 / Scotland

Lines Addressed To Mrs. Buchanan Of Drumpeller,

On Her Kind Reception of A Large Party of Sabbath School Children

Oh! gentle Lady, with the bounteous hand
And feeling heart, receive this youthful band
With all thy wonted goodness; dear they'll prize
The loving language of thy smiling eyes.
The heart of children feels, ah, none so well!
The charm of kindness, and the gracious spell
Of sympathy with all their little wants,
Young hopes and joys with which each bosom pants;
And whilst thou walked along the lengthened line
Of childish forms, the spirit sure was thine-
While sweet emotions thrilled thy gentle breast-
Of Him who called unto His side and blest
Young children, saying, 'Unto such was given
Place in the kingdom of His Father's heaven.'
Forgive me, Lady! for my heart beat high,
Tears sweet, yet solemn, dimmed my gazing eye,
As poured the living stream along the way.
Oh, loving Saviour! bless these, too, I pray;
And bless the Lady by whose pious care
The young in Education's blessings share;
For this, shall many rise and call thee blest
Long after thou art laid in hallowed rest.
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