Janet Hamilton

1795-1873 / Scotland

Lines Addressed To Mr. M. Fairlie, Esq., Viewfield House,

On Receiving His Photographic Portrait
My valued friend, long tried and true,
Thanks warm, sincere, I render you,
And haste to say with high regard
I viewed your photographic card.
Your form and features pleased to scan,
God's noblest work, an honest man.
To calls of business prompt and ready,
In principle and practice steady;
Of honour bright, unstained, unsullied,
Calm, civil, yet must not be bullied;
No pleasure-seeker, given to roam,
And why? you answer, 'Home, sweet home.'
A gentle, graceful, loving wife,
A babe the angel of my life,
And duteous children growing up
To prop my life and wreathe my cup
With flowers and fruits of filial love.
May peace on earth, a home above,
Be theirs-the mimic form to trace
No more, but seeing face to face
All these to whom such bliss is given:
They take no photographs in heaven.
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