Janet Hamilton

1795-1873 / Scotland

Be Hopeful: Ii -- The Rose

Blushing and glowing, the rose in full bloom,
Jewell'd with dewdrops and rich in perfume;
Fairest of blossoms, a gem and a joy,
Her charms never pall, her sweets never cloy.
Remembrance may fade in sorrow and strife,
The darkness, the storms, the winter of life;
Summer returning will bring in her train
The rose in her bloom and fragrance again.
See the sweet rosebud her petals unfold!
The gems on her breast of value untold;
The dewdrop, the ruby, the lustrous pearl,
Meet emblems of thee, pure, innocent girl.
The trail of the snake is over thy name,
Dimm'd are thy gems, and sullied thy fame:
Virtue will triumph, detraction will die,
The rose and the gem smile up to the sky.
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