Jane Wilde

27 December 1821 – 3 February 1896

A Supplication

“De profundis clamavi ad te Domine.”
BY our looks of mute despair,
By the sighs that rend the air,
From lips too faint to utter prayer,
Kyrie Eleison.

By the last groans of our dying,
Echoed by the cold wind’s sighing
On the wayside as they’re lying,
Kyrie Eleison.

By our fever‐stricken bands
Lifting up their wasted hands
For bread throughout the far‐off lands,
Kyrie Eleison.

Miserable outcasts we,
Pariahs of humanity,
Shunned by all where’er we flee,
Kyrie Eleison.

For our dead no bell is ringing,
Round their forms no shroud is clinging,
Save the rank grass newly springing,
Kyrie Eleison.

Golden harvests we are reaping,
With golden grain our barns heaping,
But for us our bread is weeping,
Kyrie Eleison.

Death‐devoted in our home,
Sad we cross the salt sea’s foam,
But death we bring where’er we roam,
Kyrie Eleison.

Whereso’er our steps are led,
They can track us by our dead,
Lying on their cold earth bed,
Kyrie Eleison.

We have sinned—in vain each warning
Brother lived his brother scorning,
Now in ashes see us mourning,
Kyrie Eleison.

Heeding not our country’s state,
Trodden down and desolate,
While we strove in senseless hate,
Kyrie Eleison.
We have sinned, but holier zeal
May we Christian patriots feel,
Oh! for our dear country’s weal,
Kyrie Eleison.

Let us lift our streaming eyes
To God’s throne above the skies,
He will hear our anguish cries,
Kyrie Eleison.

Kneel beside me, oh! my brother,
Let us pray each with the other,
For Ireland, our mourning mother,
Kyrie Eleison.
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