Jane Wilde

27 December 1821 – 3 February 1896

A Servian Song

Wherefore neighest thou so sadly?
Stampest with the hoof so madly?
Speak my steed—why at the tent
With thy stately neck down bent?

Have not my own hands caress’d thee?
Proudly in gay trappings dress’d thee?
Yet thou com’st not as of old,
Champing at thy curb of gold.

Hast thou not, in bright hues glowing,
Silken shabrack downward flowing,
Silver hoof and broidered rein.
Gemm’d with trophies from the slain?

And the horse, he answered sadly
Stamp I with the hoof so madly?
Tramp of steed I hear afar,
Trumpet clang and din of war.

But soon a stranger will bestride me,
Other hand than thine will guide me,
Never more by thee caress’d,
Or proudly in gay trappings dress’d.

See, the foe, with fury glowing,
Rends my glittering shabrack flowing,
Curb of gold and broidered rein
Fiercely does he cleave in twain.

And my stately neck is drooping,
’Neath a fearful burthen stooping
There a dead man lies supine,
Cold as ice—the Form is thine!
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