James Adams

Petersborough, England, UK

The Shopping Trip

My wife does her weekly shopping trip.
Once a week to the super market.
Buy one of these and get a half one free.
Lots of things for the Christmas tree.
Two packs of Kit Kat and a free coffee.
The problem is we only drink tea.
Boxes of this, and tins of that.
Some round, some square, some thin, some fat.
Chocolates half price and toffees and that.
The Christmas turkey, not cheap, but low in fat.
Two bottles of bleach, you get one for nowt.
Well at least will have a nice clean spout.
Loads of sliced meat and cheese and spread.
She had to buy that for the half price bread.
I'm twenty two stone, I've got weight to shed.
But I'll just have some pickles.
Before I go off to bed.
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