Jagrut Gupta

21 sept 2005
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What the world has to offer

You might not be
at the top of it all
you only been at it a year

But it would take a miracle
for you to be at its peak
without climbing the slope.

Useless they shout
but look at those
who you have helped
and inspired

Sure your idols haven't
given you a passing glance

But don't you know
once long ago
they were just like you
small and lost
unsure of their place
in this cruel world.

They all started at the bottom
and worked their way up
it wasn't easy for them
it won't be for you
but its too late to give up.

You don't want to let
them down by not pursuing
to the best of your ability
the potential that is forever looming
inside of you
run towards it
don't let it leave you behind

Just sit back
and see what the world has for you.
To everyone else
who has helped you
along the way
even if by accident
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