Jagrut Gupta

21 sept 2005
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I'll be there for you

Sometimes a certain sadness
comes along
and you might not know
where it is that you belong
but your heart is home
and I want you to know
you are never alone.
Sometimes others say
hurtful things
that make you feel
like your face is twisted
and they suffocate your heart
and some days it seems
like everything is slowly
falling apart.
Sometimes your body aches
and you feel like lead
and it’s easier to pull your covers
all the way over your head
and pray to not wake up
Until its all over
but it’s very important
that you do.
So if you don’t feel good enough
when you open your eyes
I hope this reminds you
that I think you are,
Just try to remember this too

I know there isn’t a thing
I could say
to make the thoughts in your head
any easier
but I hope you know
that above all the things
running through your head
sometimes it’s about
what runs in your heart instead
and if there’s anything I know
about the things inside
your heart
it’s that they are beautiful things
and strong things
and things that will always
be okay
and if the things in your head
seem a little messy
and the things in your heart
weigh a little heavy
just know that you’ll beat
all of these things
and I’ll always be there
even with all your things dont seem to.
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