Jagrut Gupta

21 sept 2005

Dumb feelings

It's poison
Rotten like a piece of fruit
An oasis for maggots and the like
Creatures that humanity frowns upon

Ventures of the mind
Are both good and evil
As are the people of Earth

When one can bleed out his
Onto the page
A string is cut within
And one more weight is lifted

But this heart is heavy
For it carries many burdens
Weighed down
By poisonous thoughts
But something is never finished
Until it is dead

Well that's what i think, anyway

The past is painful
The future uncertain
And the present, well
It's a mix of the two

Wouldn't it be easier
To lay down
And let it all go
But they say life is never easy

So I must be doing something right
Or perhaps I'm not
I don't really know what's what

A long winded poem
Etched into the memories of the pages
Like roots in the ground

A soulful ballad
Or a lonely tree
Nothing quite makes sense
To me

Perhaps im insane
I really don't know what's
going on in my brain
Numb..with the dull ache

I hear,
I listen
and I see
But what is really me?

Are my tears
Just a chemical product of my tear ducts?
Or proof that my soul is aching?

If you opened my up inside
You would findĀ 
A forest
of intestines riddled with frustration
Lungs filled with anxiety
A stomach full of butterflies
And an utterly confused heart
I've got Eternity on the loop

Healing is something
That everyone has gone through
Me too
Do you believe me?

A long piece of text
Both literal and figurative

I'm safe in your large hands
Hold me
Keep me
And never let me go
These are all just feelings
Dumb feelings!!!!
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