Jada Blue

March 1, 1998 - Florida
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Ever So Close

Heart full of distress.
Who knows what tomorrow will bring.
As I look into the distance,
I see clear skies
But with hazy vision it seems cloudy.
When will I start to see clearly again
With eyes misty like rain?
I reach up towards the skies
Soon touching solid rain drops.

Since when did the misty rain
Turn into a rainfall?
One drop turns into two.
Two then turns into three.
When will my eyes ever be free?
Free from the drenching rain
That is a cause of my grief.

These murky waters
Are distorting my perception.
I can’t allow that to be.
Yet, my flooding heart
Is overflowing with pain.
How long do I have to cry out?
When will I find relief
With all of this pain and suffering?

Eyes twitching with stress and sorrow,
I lean my head back
And lead my sore eyes
To the heavens and give them rest.
"Until when…?", I think to myself.
I must be positively thoughtful
And speak with conviction.
Opening my eyes to brighter horizons,
My sight is abundant with desire.

There is hope and light
At the end of the tunnel.
I will make it there!
As each milestone I achieve,
Will glow beautifully as I walk this path
With a clear mind.
I will be visually mindful
As I let my feet guide me.
I can do this!
I know that I can
Because I am ever so close
To making it there.
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