Jackie Kay

1961 / Edinburgh / Scotland

Something Rhymed

You're a gem, you're a holy cairn
You're a clattering shaw
You're a Tongland Bridge
You're a Solway Firth
You're a Big Water of Fleet
You're an old song, you're a valley

This feeling inside me could never deny me

You're a red deer of the forest
You're a wild goat of the moor
You're a Bladnoch malt,
A Whithorm Story, you're a friend, you're a glory.

Nothing old, nothing new, nothing ventured

Oh, you are definitely, so completely
The brightest girl of the glen.
You're a beeswing, you sing in a voice
Like a freshwater spring

Nothing older than time, nothing sweeter than wine

You are my Pinwherry,
You're my Loch Doon and Galloway,
You're my Gatehouse of Fleet,
You are philosophical, all Luce Bay,
And Whaupshill

Nothing I couldn't say.
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