Jack Tracy

I’m 15 and I write
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Fractured We Stand

South of the equator, Sakura’s rustle and sway
Stretched to the north lies the gateway to Internal Dharma, in the city of dreams
Apathy is show and empathy is lurking
This place lies diversity amongst all
Brings in love and passion, even for the broken

But I’be misspoken
Underlying mare tears away at the fragile world
Savages reign terror
Aspirations and perception now drowned
The merciful left to scrap and rot
Structure is recognized, only some is built
Better make something out of nothing
Before it pours and floods throughout
This stem, this curse will pierce
Before it ends, we’ll be left corrupt
For others to manage
We’ll dive under to only come back with fragments
Life’s too easy living one eyed open
Perception not common
But in the flesh, our sparks are vivid
Welcome to my empire worth nothing
Just like the rest
Built to fulfill nothing
Only to last, to suffer
With reminisces of forgotten guilt
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