Izzy Thurman

July 4th, 2008 - Chicago
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I as in Me

I as in me, in the sense I spew spitfire unapologetically

Left clear cast shadows of what I meant to say

Plastered on the foundation of who WE are.

I as in we, I stand by those who stand by me

Trust may be lost but loyalty shall stay

Loyal to a fault like the damned dog I am.

I as in myself, I let judgement take stranglehold

And while freedom beckons and I may take a step towards,

i stay put.

But I as in you,

Eye as in the view you use to see me

Coke bottle glasses cloud perception of who I am

Distortment and distanglement like vines through stone.

You see me through crevasses and coke,

I see you through spitfire and slobber.

I as in me,

With you as its view.
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