Ina Coolbrith

1841 – 1928 / Nauvoo, Illinois

Cupid Kissed Me

Took a walk together;
O, how beautiful the way
Through the blooming heather!
Far-off bells rang matin-chimes,
Birds sang, silver-voicing,
And our happy hearts beat time
To the earth's rejoicing.
Well-a-day! ah, well-a-day!
Then pale grief had missed me,
And mirth and I kept company
Ere Cupid kissed me!

Love ran idly where he would,
Child-like, all unheeding;
I as carelessly pursued
The pathway he was leading:
Till upon the shadowed side
Of a cool, swift river,
Where the sunbeams smote the tide,
Goldenly a-quiver—
Well-a-day! ah, well-a-day!
'Love,' I cried, 'come rest thee.'
Ah, but heart and I were gay
Ere Cupid kissed me!

Shadows of a summer cloud
Fell on near and far land;
Fragrantly the branches bowed
Every leafy garland;
While with shining head at rest,
Next my heart reclining,
Love's white arms, with soft caress,
Round my neck were twining.
Well-a-day! ah, well-a-day!
Love who can resist thee?
On the river-banks that day
Cupid kissed me!

Woe is me! in cheerless plight,
By the cold, sad river,
Seek I Love, who taken flight,
Comes no more forever:
Love from whom more pain than bliss
Every heart obtaineth,
For the joy soon vanished is
While the pang remaineth.
Well-a-day! ah, well-a-day!
Would, Love, I had missed thee,
Peace and I are twain for aye,
Since Cupid kissed me.
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