Ina Coolbrith

1841 – 1928 / Nauvoo, Illinois

At Set Of Sun

A LONG yon purple rim of hills,
How bright the sunset glory lies!
Its radiance spans the western skies,
And all the slumbrous valley fills.

Broad shafts of lucid crimson, blent
With lustrous pearl in masséd white,
And one great spear of amber light
That flames o'er half the firmament.

Vague, murmurous sounds the breezes bear;
A thousand subtle breaths of balm,
Blown shoreward from the isles of calm,
Float in upon the trancéd air.

And, muffling all its giant roar,
The restless waste of waters, rolled
To one broad sea of liquid gold,
Moves singing up the shining shore!
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