Ina Coolbrith

1841 – 1928 / Nauvoo, Illinois

A Last Word

NOT more removed with the long years' increase,
Through hours when storms upon thy roof of clay
Have beat, or when the blossom of the May
Has to the fettered winter smiled release, —
Not from my heart one thought of thee could cease,
O loved and mourned to-day as on that day
When from my sight thy presence passed away,
Thou spirit of all gentleness and peace.
Nay, in the long, long ways I walk alone,
Still with me! on my brow thy touch is laid
Softly, — when all too great my burden grown . . .
And I shall go, serenely, unafraid,
Into the dark — well knowing what dear tone —
Whose hand to mine — O thou belovëd Shade!
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