Ian McCleary

1992 Morristown, NJ
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On Student Loan Forgiveness and College Debt

The Democratic Party for more than a century has been supportive of Social Democratic legislation. Social Democratic, meaning a Democracy that tried to fix some of the problems that are a result of an unrestrained and inhumane breed of capitalism.
A recent example of it was Biden's Student Loan Debt Forgiveness Program. Because students had to pay these extortionary rates for college, Biden promised that he would erase the rest of the debt students would have left to pay for the years to come with public tax dollars.
The amount of money these colleges and universities charge for tuition among other educational expenses are beyond excessive and reflect one of the colleges highest priorities besides educating future generations on what they need to know to be an active part of America's workforce. They waste money on administrators salaries, the marketing and promoting their institution, construction, and little on the students who go there.
Students should not have to go to schools like these and should choose an alternative that is cheaper and less costly. I just happened to be lucky that my parents had the money and the generosity to pay my way through four semesters of college. In some ways I feel that I was privileged compared with other students, who did not have as big a safety net.
The question is whether government will be the remedy to the problem. While they were noble actions on the part of the president, the excesses of Capitalism will still be around, he has not gotten rid of them. He has not gotten rid of them with the stroke of his pen or by executive order. He has only brought attention to the problem, and maybe that is only what this country needed to hear. I have heard it from so many people that higher education is a scam, and I can see why they might say that now. Why pay all that money to learn in the hopes of getting a job after university when there are other places and ways of getting an education?
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