Ian McCleary

1992 Morristown, NJ
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Good Father

These come from my many insecurities about who I am.
These have to do with whether I currently make a good husband and if I will make a good father in the future of our marriage.
An image persists in my head that I will not be able to meet the responsibilities of having a family.
Of having you and a child to think about.
I am naturally an anxious person and I have known myself to be a person who has had difficulty making large transitions.
But I can hear your voice saying to me as it always does when I find myself unsettled.
" You are a good husband and you will also make a fun loving father for our child when it's that time. You have a childs likeness to you. You can make all those character voices like Kermit, our child will have so much fun with you".
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